My Process

The Lost Wax Process

Creating a bronze sculpture is a multi-step process. I begin by creating a model in terracotta clay. Then rubber is applied to the surface of the model and a plaster “mother mold” is added to the rubber. The mold, made in multiple pieces, is then removed from the original model. I reassemble the rubber and plaster mold and fill it with molten wax. Later on, the mold is disassembled and the wax pattern is removed. The surface of the wax is now a copy of the original model.

The wax pattern is dipped into liquid ceramic slurry and then coated in sand which creates a ceramic shell. Then, the wax is put into a kiln where all the wax melts out and the ceramic shell hardens. Silicon bronze, heated to 2100°, is poured into the hollow space. After the mold has cooled, the ceramic material is removed and the piece is ready for finishing.